December 20, 2006

Playtime in the woods

This is one of the reasons it's nice to live in a small, college town like Nacogdoches. While on a walk at the S.F.A. Mast Arboretum,

I found what at first glance appeared to either be something out of The Blair Witch Project, or the work of a disturbed mind. It turned out to be something called "Tree Art." Who knew? It's reflective of the bohemian fringe around this part of East Texas. This one is particularly original and bizarre.
(Playtime in the woods)

TREES HAVE A LIFE FORCE, OR (ENERGY) THAT IS NURTURING. I like to recycle the organic life & create a "tree art" mixing in some of my paintings. I believe in cyclical time and this piece in the woods hopefully reflects that,

Mary Coronis


Anonymous said...

Great Pix!

Chris said...

Thank you! Much appreciated.