December 19, 2006


Huntsville (68 miles N of Houston, 165 miles S of Dallas) is where Sam Houston was buried, and it is the home of Sam Houston State University. It is also the County Seat of Walker County, in East Texas.


The Sam Houston Statue (on I-45) is 67-feet. The life size model can be seen at the Sam Houston State University library.

My pictures:

Town Theater

Laura (1944), Paradise Canyon (1935)

Cafe Texan

The Roche Building

"Sam Houston Whittling Sight", a.k.a. The Roche Building

downtown murals:

Huddie William "Lead Belly" Ledbetter (he spent some time in a Huntsville prison)


Lisa said...

Awesome post. I had no idea there was that cool Leadbelly mural, *or* a commemorative plaque for Sam Houston's whittling.

Have you seen the giant presidential heads sculpted by David Adickes, who did the Sam Houston statue? He has a workshop in Houston where you can just go in there and see them. They're amazing! I swear I read on Houstonist that he is doing a giant outdoor sculpture of the Beatles in Houston, but the site is down today and I can't ckeck my facts.

Chris said...

Thanks, lisa! Yeah, I thought the whittling memorial plaque was a nice touch.

I can't wait to see those Beatles sculptures when he is done. The Houston Chronicle had a story about it a few months ago, and I had the impression he was nearly done with the "George."

The Pine Blogger said...

Such and awesome site. I love the "Laura" poster.

Chris said...

Yes, it was awesome. The movie posters are sitting on that fine line between tacky and cool. I think they just manage to be on the cool side, too.