December 14, 2006

Remembering AstroWorld

This might mean something to my Texas visitors. AstroWorld (although it later became Six Flags AstroWorld, it was always AstroWorld to me) was a theme park in Houston. I grew up in Galveston (about 45 minutes away) and went to the park numerous times. I'm flooded with warm sensory memories of Saturdays and endless summers any time I think of it now. The park shut down for good last year, and is now, unbelievably, an empty field... But thanks to Six Flags AstroWorld Forever, those of us who loved it can "go back." This is a visit to the park circa 1973 (about the time I would have first gone) transferred from Super-8mm:

I find it strangely comforting that Greezed Lightnin' (a rollercoaster) was relocated to Joyland park in Lubbock, TX, and the Mayan Mindbender (rollercoaster) and Gunslinger were relocated to Wonderland park in Amarillo, TX. The park's main attraction, The Texas Cyclone, was unfortunately dismantled. It lives forever in video:

The Cyclone going to coaster heaven an hour before AstroWorld closed forever on 10-30-05.


Lisa said...

Ok maybe you can help me. I only ever went to Astroworld once, as a grown-up, so I don't know it well... What was the name of the 80s vintage roller coaster that was about medium on the scary scale? It was pretty far away from the entrance.

kendal said...

Never forget.

Chris said...

lisa-I assume you don't mean the Cyclone. Could you be thinking about the one that was in the Oriental-themed section of the park (the line for riding it was in a building with Oriental-styled architecture)?? That was a "fun," "low-stress" roller coaster.

kendal, nice!

Anonymous said...

either the Green Machine, (I think that was the name)on the far left towards the front entrance. The Serpent was a kiddie ride towards the back left, also the Bamboo Shoot way in the back on the left or the Alpine Slay ride in the white capped mountain on the far right side toward the back ... as I remember.