October 25, 2006

Awkward teenage blues

For about a year, back in 1982, my friends and I did a series of experimental (crappy) films. Using an 8mm Kodak camera, our "plots" usually involved somebody, most likely wearing a rubber mask and/or carrying some type of weapon, chasing somebody else, no doubt also wearing a mask.

My closest childhood friend, David Nathan, getting a hand.

Throw in the random, disembodied rubber hand, and you have the recurring "themes" of our "oeuvre." After I removed the light filter from the camera, our film "career" was pretty much over. But here's the "best" of what we did (our "masterpiece" was part of a previous post).

Me, dreaming intermittently of either tennis, or rock-n-roll stardom. I'm wearing my "War Is Over (If You Want It)" t-shirt. What war could I possibly have been protesting? The Falklands??

The speedy quality of the movies was the result of having the films converted to videotape. So, enjoy the hormone-fueled, mid-pubescent violence, frustration, and ennui captured on film:

Galveston representin'


Tracy said...

I couldn't stop laughing at this :D

Chris said...

I thought you might find it somewhat amusing!


Cheryl said...

Very very cute.