October 24, 2006

Youth is wasted on the young

Maybe you happened to see this at Boing Boing last weekend(?). Cybjorg has this hilarious flikr (link goes to my flikr sets) set titled "Game Boy Around the World." It features a boy (I assume it's the photographer's son) engrossed by his Game Boy while visiting world landmarks he'll probably never have another chance to visit. Someday his family will talk about visiting those places and he'll have very little memory of ever having been there. Game Boys are cool, but c'mon.


Lisa said...

Oh that's hilarious. My sister has traveled quite a bit with her sons but they don't dare leave the house w/out their gameboys. To the point that one of them had his break down when they were in France, so she got him a French one -- otherwise the plane ride back would have been too unbearable. I am *so* sending her this link.

Chris said...

I found it amusing, as well. Your sister's sons just had to have their fix!