October 31, 2006

Ghosts of the Von Minden Hotel

In Schulenburg, Texas (15 miles S of La Grange, 95 miles W of Houston,105 miles E of San Antonio):

Built in 1929 and still in operation, this is the last Hotel/Theater (Von Minden Hotel/Cozy Theater) left in Texas. The operation has changed hands only once and very little else has.

From TexasEscapes.com's interview with the Von Minden Hotel's proprietor:

...When asked about the ghost, Garrett asked, "which one?" "The suicide," we replied. It was then we learned that there were at least two.

Room 23 was a Railroad worker who went to bed sick and woke up dead and they had to have a co-worker (a very small co-worker) climb through the transom to open the locked door.

Room 37 was a returning WWII veteran who found his girl had married someone else. As the old joke goes, the ground would've broken his fall, but sadly in this case his neck encountered the clothesline.

Garrett lives on the hotel's forth floor and has encountered Ms. X several times. His description is quite detailed. A polka-dot dress and a broad-brimmed straw hat, white gloves, about 20 years old and carrying a cardboard suitcase, Ms. X depends on the kindness of strangers for directions.

"They're always simple directions to give," said Garrett, "but after you turn to point or gesture, when you turn back around she's gone."


Lisa said...

Some friends and I stopped over in Shulenburg a few years ago. Ever since, we've been pretending we're going to create a TV show about it -- a nighttime soap about the bored teens who work at the tourist trap restaurants, called "The 'Burg." Kind of like The OC, only set in Shulenburg. If this idea ever gets off the ground we should hire you as a consultant. We have to work in the "ghost story" angle, for sure.

Chris said...

Clever and funny! Perhaps the angst-ridden kids are haunted by the idea they'll never leave Schulenberg...

Now that would be spooky!

Anonymous said...

I stayed at the Von Minden Hotel in '98 and was out rather late helping a family member move. I've returned to the hotel around 3:00 a.m. to shower and sleep for a few hours and while I was showering, I thought I had felt a presence or someone standing on the other side of my shower curtain. When I looked, no one was there. As I had finished cleaning up, I opened my bathroom door and heard a light tapping at my door. I opened it and saw no one. I stepped outside and looked both ways and saw no one in the hall way. What I cannot understand nor remember, I had tossed my sleeping clothes (rumpled) on the bed and noticed they were placed more neatly as I was putting them on however, I didn't place any further thoughts to it as that is when I heard a tapping on my door.
What I find more interesting, I felt I was awakened by a very hard shaking of my body as if someone was trying to wake me up so that I will not be late and meet my family member for breakfast to continue with the move and long drive out of state.
This was an experience I will never forget. I would like to go back and stay another night but my wife would not allow nor will she accompany me.
Thansk Ghost....for waking me up that day as I would have slept in.

Karen Kostor said...

Unfortunately with the new management they no longer allow paranormal investigators. :-/