October 16, 2006

Whimsy in Brenham, Texas

Brenham, Texas, is 89 miles east of Austin and 73 miles north of Houston. It is the home of and headquarters for Blue Bell Creameries, an ice cream brand that is popular in Texas and the Southeastern United States. Brenham is also the home of Blinn College, the oldest county-owned junior college in Texas.

A lesser known, Brenham-area destination is the Purple House Art Gallery, roughly a block away from the historic Main Street area. Inspired by "The Orange Show" (by Fuzzball), I took these pictures on Sunday morning. Being Sunday morning, they were closed, so I hope to go back someday and actually go inside the Purple House.

Every man's fantasy?
(Note the use of a question mark and the term "fantasy," thank you.)

The fellow on the right should no doubt be wearing a zoot suit.

Pink Floyd got nothin' on Purple House.

Lombard & Gable?

The overseer of it all is a little disturbing.

That makes sense. How would you ever guess?


Lisa said...

Wow. I go through Brenham when I'm on my way to Austin -- I'll definitely have to check this out. The mustache-legs guy really scares me though. Lawnmower lady too.

Chris said...

It's worth a quick visit, lisa. The lawn-mowing lady was scarily surreal. I think it's the tiny head.