October 8, 2011

A random street in Baird

I went through Baird, Texas, primarily because the tiny town was the county seat, and, therefore, has a county courthouse. The 1929, Classical Revival building wasn't all that unique, but the sky was a deep blue, and the clouds were white and billowy. So I think the pictures came out really well, despite the plainness of the courthouse.

callahan county courthouse

But on a complete whim, I took a slight deviation from my planned route and made a sudden, left-hand turn onto what turned out to be Baird's main street. I was rewarded handsomely almost immediately with this stunning, repainted Bull Durham ad. These are usually "ghosts" when I find them.

repainted bull durham and coca-cola ads in baird
repainted bull durham ad
repainted bull durham ad

The repainted Coca-Cola sign must be from 1923-1925, as variations of the "Refresh Yourself" slogan were being used during those years.

repainted coca-cola ad in baird

A ghostly Dr. Pepper sign.
ghostly dr. pepper sign in baird

At the end of the street was the reason for all of the ads, the 1911 circa Texas Pacific Railroad Depot.
down the street from texas pacific railroad depot
texas pacific railroad depot