August 29, 2009

Frank P. Marshall, Attorney

glimpse of the past on weeks building

The past (ca. 1907) peeks through on the Weeks Building, Main Street, Nacogdoches. Gotta love that font.

August 20, 2009

"L.A. Is My Lady"

On a whim, whilst listening to Sinatra's 1984 single, the wonderfully cheesy "L.A. Is My Lady" (don't ask why, I just was), I did a Google image video search for it. Even though, as a loyal MTV viewer back in the '80s, I watched the video's big "Exclusive World Premiere," I'd completely forgotten who introduces the song at the beginning of the video! After all, it's only been twenty-five years (ugh). You'd never think to link the two together, and I felt that alone might be worth resuscitating the blog over. Here's the entire video, from some Russian video sharing site, so, yeah, we probably have a horrible virus or spyware on our computers now. You are welcome (seriously though, it's okay).

Some interesting cameos, no? In addition to a childhood hero of mine, we see:

1. Donna Summer (working hard for her money, so hard for you, honey)
2. Fernando Valenzuela
3. Tom Bradley
4. Michael McDonald
5. Alex Haley
6. Missing Persons (wow!)
7. Jack Wagner
8. James "Yah Mo Be There" Ingram
9. Jilly Rizzo
10. Dean Martin
11. LaToya Jackson
12. Nancy (with the laughing face) Sinatra
13. Quincy Jones
14. Michael Jackson (sort of)
15. Jane Fonda
16. Dyan Cannon
17. Tommy Lasorda

Kind of makes me miss the '80s a little bit!

August 14, 2009

Texas Escapes

Well, it looks like things have come full circle in a way. This blog began as an way to work out my Frank Sinatra fixation and attempt to do "pop culture archeology and tribute," with increasing focus on photography and the documenting of small towns through photography. I frequently used the site Texas Escapes as a guide to the various places I visited to do those small town posts. So you can imagine the thrill of having the editor of Texas Escapes, John Troesser, contact me with an interest in my doing an ongoing column for them. It's nice as my interest (and "the Internet's") in this blog has sort of has atrophied and ground to a halt, that I should have this opportunity with Texas Escapes. It is possible I will do more posts here, at EBiN, but I really don't see the point as my visitors are increasingly limited to Google image searchers. That feels pointless and hollow. EBiN has been an attempt to reach out, hopefully to like-minded people sharing my interests, and remedy, yes, boredom. Thank you to those people who linked to me and visited my blog and enjoyed what they found here from time to time. Thank you to those who let me know of their opinions and appreciation via commenting and email. Here is hopefully the start of something "big." We'll see...

August 1, 2009

Gulf Coast Deco VIII

With all due respect to the awesome Houston Deco site, which has been my "bible" during these numerous Deco hunts, I'm now calling these posts "Gulf Coast" rather than "Houston" Deco. As a Galveston BOI (Born on Island), I just can't give credit to Houston when most of the structures within this post are in my hometown, Galveston(!). So suck it, H-Town.

Medical Arts Building, 1929
medical arts building
medical arts building
medical arts building crop

Santa Fe Building/Union Station, 1932
santa fe building
santa fe building
santa fe building

Alamo Elementary School, 1935
alamo elementary school
alamo elementary school
Good one of that van, huh?

Galveston Post Office, Custom House and Courthouse, 1937
galveston post office, custom house and courthouse

Martini Theater, 1937
martini theater
I saw On Any Sunday and Foul Play (among other movies) at this theater.

martini theater terrazo sidewalk
terrazo sidewalk detail

hollywood barber shop
martini theater with anico building in background

Windsor Court Apartments, 1937
windsor court apartments
windsor court apartments

Stephen F. Austin Junior High School, 1939
stephen f. austin junior high school
stephen f. austin junior high school

Webster High School (Webster, Texas), 1939
webster high school
webster high school
webster high school frieze webster high school frieze

Galveston Cotton Exchange and Board of Trade, 1940
galveston cotton exchange and board of trade

Sears, Roebuck & Co., 1940
sears, roebuck & co.

Town House Arms Apartments, 1948
town house arms apartments

Pennington Buick Co., 1950
pennington buick co.
pennington buick detail
pennington buick detail

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