August 20, 2009

"L.A. Is My Lady"

On a whim, whilst listening to Sinatra's 1984 single, the wonderfully cheesy "L.A. Is My Lady" (don't ask why, I just was), I did a Google image video search for it. Even though, as a loyal MTV viewer back in the '80s, I watched the video's big "Exclusive World Premiere," I'd completely forgotten who introduces the song at the beginning of the video! After all, it's only been twenty-five years (ugh). You'd never think to link the two together, and I felt that alone might be worth resuscitating the blog over. Here's the entire video, from some Russian video sharing site, so, yeah, we probably have a horrible virus or spyware on our computers now. You are welcome (seriously though, it's okay).

Some interesting cameos, no? In addition to a childhood hero of mine, we see:

1. Donna Summer (working hard for her money, so hard for you, honey)
2. Fernando Valenzuela
3. Tom Bradley
4. Michael McDonald
5. Alex Haley
6. Missing Persons (wow!)
7. Jack Wagner
8. James "Yah Mo Be There" Ingram
9. Jilly Rizzo
10. Dean Martin
11. LaToya Jackson
12. Nancy (with the laughing face) Sinatra
13. Quincy Jones
14. Michael Jackson (sort of)
15. Jane Fonda
16. Dyan Cannon
17. Tommy Lasorda

Kind of makes me miss the '80s a little bit!


Josh Sirten said...

I hope this isn't the last of the Sinatra-posts!


Chris said...

Certainly not! As long as I'm doing the blog, there'll be Sinatra posts!!

Anonymous said...

isn't Tina S. carrying the bag of groceries?

Chris said...

I don't think that's Tina. C'mon, give me credit! I'd have noticed that. ;) Tina has/had jet black hair.

If anyone, it's Barbara Marx (Sinatra), but it's not her either.