September 11, 2011

Cisco, Texas, was a friend of mine

victor hotel ghost and america mural

Remnants of Fina Service Station
remnants of fina service station
According to the Texas Historical Commission survey, it had "weeds, no gas" in August of 1980. I took this picture for the sign, and I now think the building pictured is what remains of the actual station (compare location of door to that of the one in the picture at the link), itself, although radically altered.

Sears Catalogue House c. 1910, Catalog Victorian
sears catalogue house
front of sears catalogue house

Gus Ward House c. 1890s, Victorian
gus ward house
gus ward house
The dense foliage mentioned in the 1980s survey remains (much to my chagrin).

Boyle House c. 1899, Gothic Revival
boyle house

Texaco Service Station c. 1940, Modern
texaco service station
texaco service station
texaco service station

First Hilton Hotel (Old Mobley Hotel) c. 1916, Frontier Georgian
mobley hotel (first hilton hotel)
old mobley hotel plaque
old mobley hotel (first hilton hotel)

rexall drug window
rexall drugstore
rexall drugs

coca-cola ghost sign
The "Relieves Fatigue" slogan was used in 1907-1908

victor hotel coffee shop ghost sign


DC Dean said...

Re: Coca-Cola ghost sign--That's probably when it had extra yummy cocaine in it!

Chris said...

Oh sure. Someone else mentioned (at Flickr, I think) it once had lithium in it too. I guess sales must have spiked as Prohibition set in...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chris:

We were excited to see our house, the 1890's Gus Ward one on your site. Great job!

John & Mary Kay Williamson
600 Ave. I
Cisco Tx. 76437

Unknown said...

I live in a Sears house in Cisco. Not the one pictured though. There is another on next door to me. They all differ in shape somewhat but construction is basically the same.