December 29, 2008

Gulf Coast Deco II

hughes oil company, inc.
Hughes Tool Company, Inc., c. 1942, restored

drill bit relief
Reliefs on the building depict the self-sharpening oil well drill bit that was the source of Howard Hughes' fortune.

gribble stamp & stencil co.
Gribble Stamp & Stencil Co.. c. 1948

side view of gribble stamp & stencil bldg.

cloudy morning view of j.c. parks building
J.C. Parks Building, c. 1930

other side of j.c. parks building corner

granada sign lettering
front view of granada theater
The Granada Theater, c. 1949

front right of the capitan theatre w/flash
The Granada is the twin of the Capitan Theater in Pasadena, Texas. Both were built for the Isley chain, which operated theaters in Texas and Oklahoma.

view of brochsteins, inc. through chain link fence
This picture was taken through a chain link fence and was the best one I'd get of the 1940 circa Brochsteins, Inc. building. Seeing as it was a Sunday morning, the entrance fence was closed and locked. I walked for a short length down the fence line to see if I could get a better view. Along the way, I found a ditch that ran beneath the fence, allowing someone (should he or she be so inclined) to crawl underneath. This is what I chose to do.

brochsteins, inc.
brochsteins, inc. deco detail

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  • December 23, 2008

    Vintage travel photos

    I found these photographs in a tattered old photofinishing envelope at my grandfather's house. They are of visits he made to Glasgow, Scotland, in 1934, and Mexico City during the same general time period, as well his time stationed in London during W.W. II (he was a B-52 mechanic). The scans aren't anywhere as nice as the original prints. They were taken by him or a friend of his.

    glasgow, scotland
    This first one was taken in Glasgow, Scotland. Brennan from the band Monarch saw it at flickr, and asked me if they could use it for an album cover. Voila:
    Lowly (2007)

    This one was also taken in Glasgow, and may feature the People's Palace in the background:
    glasgow (people's palace in the background)

    Street lamp in Glasgow:
    glasgow streetlamp

    Bicyclist in Glasgow:
    glasgow bicyclists

    mexican farmer in 1934

    Street in Mexico City:
    street in mexico city, circa 1934

    mexico in 1934

    London during W.W. II:
    london during w.w. II
     a foggy day in london town
    big ben and house of parliament, circa early '40s
    ann hathaway's cottage during the early '40s

    December 22, 2008

    "It's a Marshmallow World"

    Wikipedia entry:

    "Marshmallow World" (sometimes entitled "A Marshmallow World" or "It's a Marshmallow World") is a popular Christmas song that was written in 1949 by Carl Sigman (lyrics) and Peter DeRose (music). Although it has been recorded by many artists, it was first a hit for Bing Crosby (backed by The Lee Gordon Singers and the Sonny Burke Orchestra). Crosby's version (recorded in 1950) peaked at number 24 on the pop singles chart in January of 1951. Ray Anthony also recorded a version of the song in 1950. Another popular version was recorded by Vic Damone in 1951.

    One of the most popular versions of "Marshmallow World" was recorded in 1963 by Darlene Love and released as a track on Phil Spector's classic holiday album A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector.

    Another popular version of the song was recorded by Dean Martin for his 1966 holiday album The Dean Martin Christmas Album.

    Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra around '66:

    Dean Martin solo on a '70s-era TV special: