December 23, 2008

Vintage travel photos

I found these photographs in a tattered old photofinishing envelope at my grandfather's house. They are of visits he made to Glasgow, Scotland, in 1934, and Mexico City during the same general time period, as well his time stationed in London during W.W. II (he was a B-52 mechanic). The scans aren't anywhere as nice as the original prints. They were taken by him or a friend of his.

glasgow, scotland
This first one was taken in Glasgow, Scotland. Brennan from the band Monarch saw it at flickr, and asked me if they could use it for an album cover. Voila:
Lowly (2007)

This one was also taken in Glasgow, and may feature the People's Palace in the background:
glasgow (people's palace in the background)

Street lamp in Glasgow:
glasgow streetlamp

Bicyclist in Glasgow:
glasgow bicyclists

mexican farmer in 1934

Street in Mexico City:
street in mexico city, circa 1934

mexico in 1934

London during W.W. II:
london during w.w. II
 a foggy day in london town
big ben and house of parliament, circa early '40s
ann hathaway's cottage during the early '40s

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