October 23, 2006

A stranger in a strange land

Crossed the Texas border on a beautiful day in order to take some snaps of Logansport, Louisiana....

Logansport is a modern city, boasting its own traffic light.

In order to find the oldest section of any small, Texas, and now Louisiana, town, just look for the railroad tracks. The one running parallel to Logansport's main street was still very much in use.

Logansport is not a place where the mingling of male and female dry goods is permitted.

Harvest time!

Logansport has its own Sears...I think.

side street

Former home of the Logansport Joaquin Tribune (no glass in the door).

Felt like being back in Alaska for a moment.

The building to the right of this one had something that made the "journey" to Logansport completely worth it. I felt giddy (as in giddy up) upon seeing it.

Hee haw! (ironically, not in Texas)


ScottyB said...

I love your visits to small towns, and the photos. I live in Iowa, with a whole bunch of tiny towns, and it's always a kick to visit them and see what makes them unique.

Chris said...

Iowa, hmmm? I can imagine! I'm glad you like my "small town picture posts." I fear I've done too many recently...

zdorama said...

That second pic (with the traffic light) looks a lot like that small town in MAD MAX where the Motorcycle Gang comes to pick up a coffin from the railroad station and terrorize the townsfolk!

Melissa said...

I'm glad that while passing through, you thought enough about our little town to stop and take some pictures. Just recently the old Tribune building and the small one next to it was torn down but I have to say it looks alot better now. The "skyscraper" on the corner needs to go, but the owner apparently prefers to leave it as it is, as he has for the last 10 years. He doesn't live here so he doesn't have to see it day in and day out. The SEARS sign you saw is what that building was SEVERAL years ago. It's now a Premium Finance (as in auto ins. premium) Company. You should have gone inside the front door. He has lots of really old pictures like steamboats on the river WAY back in the day. He also has the old barred windows built into his office wall from what used to be the Bank of Logansport building where his dad was President for many, many years. Also, I'm told the building with the horse on it has been completely redone on the inside and no expense was spared. I understand it's something to behold and would rival even the finest museums. He even had the horse repaired and repainted and his initials are on the cowboy's belt buckle. (He only uses it for he and his family) I have worked at Town Hall for 12 years and I've never seen it myself. For many years it was Pace Hardware and when I was a kid, I can remember going there with my Mom to shop and the wood floors squeaked to no end. Nobody could ever sneak in that place for sure. It closed not long after it's owner passed away in either the late 70's or early 80's. NJ Caraways has been in business for over 100 years and yes, the men's and ladies sides are still seperated. Those floors squeak too. Yeah, I say all the time, we're a little, okay ALOT Mayberry RFD but I love it. We are working on dressing up the buildings and it would look alot better if the Utility Co. could relocate their lines but I'm afraid that won't ever happen because of the huge expense such an undertaking would incur. We've had movie companies come and talk to the Mayor about filming here but as you can imagine, our bridge is one of the few connecting LA and TX and since they mostly want to use Main Street, traffic would have to be re-routed and I'm not sure the State would even allow it. Anyway, I'm glad we caught your interest, and if you ever happen back through, stop by Town Hall and say "Hi"! OH, and by the way, be careful to obey speed signs, our Deputy's are always on duty. While very friendly, they do their job. I'd just as soon do without that kind of revenue for our little town, but I talk to lots of folks that get caught speeding through here. So needless to say those folks don't really have a good outlook on us. But... that's how it goes I suppose. Take care!