October 4, 2006

Curious George

From Variety:

Lucasfilm is getting out of the movie business.

"We don't want to make movies. We're about to get into television. As far as Lucasfilm is concerned, we've moved away from the feature film thing, because it's too expensive and it's too risky.

I think the secret to the future is quantity," Lucas told Daily Variety.

Lucas said he believes Americans are abandoning the moviegoing habit for good."

I guess he wouldn't have had anything to do with that...


Cheryl said...

The movie studios did this to themslevs in paying ridiculous amounts to people like Tom Cruise of 20 million a movie (although he takes a percentage as I understand it).

Who wants to spend $8.50 for the movie and another $10 in popcorn and drink? It's $30 for 2 people to go see a movie and that's absolutely absurd. If they wait 8 -12 weeks it's on video for $3.99.

Lucas is one smart cookie. People have lower expectations of a TV show than they do of a movie.

Chris said...

I still kind of enjoy the experience of going to a movie, being in the theater, seeing the coming attractions, etc. But I'm old school, accent on old.

There was a big reaction to this Variety interview at Ain't It Cool News where their theory is this was blown out of proportion, and Lucas was simply thinking out loud (and not planning to do only TV).

Fuzzball said...

I have to say, I'm getting pretty sick of having to pay 3 bucks to park, 9 bucks for a ticket, then who KNOWS how much for popcorn and a drink...it's all a bit too much. There are certain films that must be seen in a theater (Matrix, Star Wars, Batman, etc.) but other than that I'm finding myself less and less inclined to make the effort.

Chris said...

You have to pay for parking when you go to a movie? That would probably be the last straw for me (as far as enduring the hassles involved in going to the movies these days).

And I agree, some films you must see on a huge screen, and some you can watch on TBS a year after they come out.