November 8, 2006

The Hoboken method

I'm always struck with the fact that despite being a middle school dropout from Hoboken, New Jersey, Frank Sinatra was supremely multi-talented. Singing was his true gift, but he could also dance, and occasionally, when the role fit him, he could really act.

Exhibit A: 1962's The Manchurian Candidate. Here are two scenes. First, watch Sinatra, as battle-scarred veteran Maj. Bennett Marco, attempt to light his cigarette as Janet Leigh looks on in pity.

Next is the scene in which Sinatra and Henry Silva (also in Ocean's 11) carry on a fairly convincing brawl. Although it is obviously stunt men in some frames, Sinatra is involved enough that I always wonder if his hairpiece was ever accidentally disturbed by Silva.

What were you doing dere!?!?


Lisa said...

Oh man -- wasn't Sinatra just brilliant in that movie? So sweaty and vulnerable and oddly appealing and RAYMOND SHAW IS THE KINDEST BRAVEST WARMEST MOST WONDERFUL HUMAN BEING I HAVE EVER KNOWN.

Chris said...

Ooh, good call, lisa. I should have included that scene. For a street kid from Joisey, he was awesome in The Manchurian Candidate.