November 17, 2006

The saloon singer

Here is a cool set piece featuring saloon songs from the otherwise upbeat and "groovy" 1968 Sinatra special Francis Albert Sinatra Does His Thing. Frank was either swingin' or sobbin'. Rarely was he in between (at least musically). In this segment from the show, Francis Albert does a medley of:

  • "Glad to Be Unhappy"
  • "Here's That Rainy Day"
  • "It Never Entered My Mind"
  • "Gone with the Wind"


    Henrik said...

    What a wonderful torch song-medley! And a very nice blog too: found it via YouTube, during one of my frequent Sinatra-search-sessions. (I own the 1967 "Frank + Ella + Jobim"-video, but until now I hadn't seen anything from the `68-show). I was equally delighted to find that you're an Elvis- and Beach Boys-fan too (yep, that Brian-doll surely looks like the christmas present of the year). As the ol' saying goes: keep up the smashingly good work, kid! ;)


    Chris said...

    Hey, henrik. Thanks for "stopping by!"

    Come back from Sweden anytime.