November 9, 2006

Mos defley

If you are one of the three or four people in the world who have both a high definition television and subscribe to Cinemax, this ought to be sort of cool:

I envy the few of you!


Leslie said...

I don't have HD, but I do have Cinemax - the only problem is that makes for a LOOOOONG day (or night in my case) of television watching. I've been catching them hit or miss but it's been pretty neato.

I remember when The Empire Strikes Back came out - I was in 4th grade and my friend asked me to go with her but my mom wouldn't let me. I just recently found out it was because SHE didn't like Sci Fi - what's wrong with her??? I'm glad that I was finally able to form my own opinions about things of this nature.

And I still have my Yoda action figure - but, alas, his cane is long gone... :(

Chris said...

I agree! Who has time? Hit and miss is good enough. I avoided the second two Lord of the Rings films because they were just too long.

She would have liked The Empire Strikes Back! It's sci-fi, but so much more.

I'm sure the Yoda's with canes are big business on eBay...