November 16, 2006


Results of a quick Sunday drive to Livingston (75 miles N of Houston, 67 miles S of Nacogdoches):

Paging George Jetson:

Corrigan (on the way back home):


Lisa said...

So do you just like drive around on the weekends taking pictures of stuff? Cause that sounds really really fun, not to mention makes for an interesting blog. Seriously. I wish I could get my relatives in Kansas to do that, there's a whole world of small town weirdness up there.

Also, good to see what appears to be a first run movie playing at the Fain.

Chris said...

Yep, pretty much. I started doing it about a month ago when I ran out of things to take pictures of in Nacogdoches/Lufkin. It's a lot of fun. I kind of think of the trips as little adventures. I plan to do Port Arthur/Beaumont this weekend. I can't wait. Kansas would be interesting, no doubt about it.

Oh yeah, I'm sure Livingstonites will be lining up around the block for Happy Feet!