November 26, 2006

Burton, Texas

Facts and history from

Burton is 90 miles W of Houston, 11 miles W of Brenham. In 1885 there were only 150 people, but there were 400 just eleven years later in 1896. The highest population was in the late 1940s when there were nearly 1,000 people living in Burton. It is the first stop along Scenic Highway FM 390. I stumbled upon it on a foggy, overcast Friday morning after Thanksgiving.

a corner in Burton

Houston and Texas Central Railroad Station (c. 1898) historical marker

The town was named after John M. Burton who was an early settler. The town of Union Hill (2 miles NE of present Burton) moved to the Houston and Texas Central Railroad tracks when it came through Washington County after the Civil War.

The Ed Schatz Store (c. 1906)

Burton Cafe (c. 1937)

The Knittel House (c. 1880)

Most likely the largest residence in Burton; it was built to resemble a steamboat.

say...PEPSI please

Burton Grocery Store

It was time to get going, next stop, Somerville, where everybody is somebody (or haven't you heard?).

And onward to Caldwell, ultimate destination being Bryan (on the day of the U.T. - A & M game)....Bryan pics to come.


Chasrich said...

I knew someone whose husband taught in Burton. However, he lived in Austin, making the 140-mile round-trip 5 days a week, which must have been exhausting.

Chris said...

Good Lord! I'm not sure either teaching in Burton or living in Austin is worth that. There had to have been a teaching position available in Austin!

Chasrich said...

That boggled my mind when I first heard it, too!