November 21, 2006

The lion's den

So, it's the old "if I can't see you, you can't see me" trick then, is it?
Shhhhhh....I think it's coming out...
Caspar is one of those rare cats who will actually play with any toy you buy for him (as opposed to those cats for who you buy "expensive" toys, and they only want to play with crumpled up aluminum foil or your shoes or houseplants, or any other regular household items). Yet, that in no way changes the fact that he is a bastard (as in, "You people are BASTARD people!").


Lisa said...

OMG it's invisi-kitty! I CANNOT SEE HIM where did he go etc! Hours of fun, dude!

Also, when cats say "you people are bastard people and I am gonna go home and bite my pillow," they mean that literally.

Also, I think your RSS feed is not working.

Chris said...

I have to be careful to not have too much "fun" with him, because once he gets wound up, look out!! It's crazy kitty time. And HE'S (and my other cat) are the bastard people. If anyone's biting their pillow, it's me.

As far as RSS feed, I've done nothing to change it (other than switching to Blogger Beta back in August). I checked the template, and the site feeds section. It all appeared to be normal. I'm sorry if it's not working.

Lisa said...

Yep, it's not your fault, it's Blogger.