February 5, 2011

The day after the snow fell in Alto

Alto, Texas
after the snow
gas station in alto
former gas station in alto
former gas station in alto


Anonymous said...

You have some very wonderful photo's. Would you like to share them on our Nacogdoches Facebook page and remembering Nacogdoches FB page?
Thank you.
Deena Wadsworth
Event Coordinator for Nacogdoches First Families Reunion

Chris said...

Sure, Deena. I assume you mean my Nac pics?

Gunnar and Sherry said...

These are great Chris. Nothing like a dusting of snow to add to the melanchonly.

Julia said...

You call that snow? We Swedes have had a Narnialike landscape this winter, a snow blanket deeper than one meter (just now realized you don't use the metric system).

I would love to go to Nacogdoches someday. At the moment I have an exchange student from Texas in my class, I will crawl into his suitcase when he goes back home.

Chris said...

Thanks, Gunnar and Sheery. This is one of those instances where I actually turned around and came back to take the car picture.

Julia - oh, I know. This is wimpy snow (it was actually much more in Nacogdoches). But even a little bit is a lot for us! We rarely get any at all. And I would love to go to Sveden (note the v). I have no exchange student to stow away with though, unfortunately.

Deena said...

Yes your Nac pics, you have some wonderful ones.