February 4, 2011

A Mad Men moment

So, I've kind of gotten into Mad Men (finally). I started Netflixing the season DVDs about six months ago and am currently in the midst of season three. Obviously I'm greatly enjoying the retro appeal, but it's increasingly the small, little things that get me. I've been surprised at how effectively the plot lines occasionally come together in little moments that can really pack an emotional or angst-ridden wallop. One of my favorite little moments thus far comes at the end of season two's "The Inheritance." Basically, during the last forty-five seconds or so of the episode, we see Don Draper sitting aboard an airplane, lighting up a smoke as the "no smoking" sign is turned off on the overhead console. Betty Draper (Don's wife) has kicked him out of the house after she discovered he'd had an affair. Draper isn't exactly happy about being away from his wife and family and decides to accompany Campbell to Los Angeles on a business-related trip. The 1962 song "Telstar" begins to play as Draper looks out the plane's window and reels from the consequences of his actions and contemplates the meaning of this thing called life:


Anonymous said...

I want those small Mad Men moments to come back as soon as possible.

But AMC has hinted that they may not make room on their schedule for Season 5 of Mad Men until 2012 and the prolonged negotiations between AMC and Lionsgate further threaten Mad Men in 2011.

Maybe no Don Draper this year, they say? No Peggy Olson, no Joan?


Chris said...

I can't imagine a petition would make much of a difference (either way), but I hope it brings about the results you want (if this is legit). I think it's all up to Matthew Weiner.