February 11, 2011

It's time for YOU

An EBiN oldie but goodie...

Frank Sinatra had a part in convincing thousands of people to purchase vehicles from struggling car company, Chrysler. These are the vehicles that led to Chrysler going bankrupt and requiring government intervention to completely avoid going out of business.

Corrections from commenter Chuck:

"Just a note of correction to your timeline. Chrysler executives appeared before Congress lobbying for a government subsidized bail-out in the summer of 1979. Congress passed the subsidy on Dec. 21, 1979. The Imperials were launched in the summer of 1980. While they were certainly not financially succesful, they did not lead to Chrysler's near bankruptcy; they came AFTER the government bailout. It was the automobiles of the 1970s that dealt that financial hand to them."

Thanks, Chuck! Here are two commercials Sinatra made for Chrysler:

That "It's Time for You" jingle is pretty catchy. It sort of sounds like something Sinatra could have done during his classic 1950's Capitol recording period. I like how at the end, he checks his toupee in the driver's side visor mirror.

That was filmed in October 1980. The second one has an appearance by #2 daughter, Tina. The ending has Tina handing the keys to a Sinatra Signature Edition to Frank, and Frank sort of mugging for the camera. That, also, was filmed in October 1980.

1981 Chrysler Imperial

1982 Chrysler Imperial Sinatra Signature Edition

This is from 1981-82, and it features footage of Sinatra "performing" for use in a Syracuse, NY, Chrysler/Plymouth dealership:

1982 Plymouth Horizon

1982 Chrysler Cordoba

And, of course:

1982 Chrysler Imperial Sinatra Signature Edition

Chrysler is still working on the Imperial:
2006 Detroit Auto Show Chrysler Imperial concept premiere

"It's time for you"

"It's time for you"

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