December 9, 2006

1964 Beatles fan club Christmas recording

Information and picture from the Wikipedia entry for The Beatles' Christmas Album

"Each year from 1963 to 1969, The Beatles had recorded a short Christmas message for their fans, comprised of carols, skits, jokes, and thanks to the loyal "Beatle People". Each recording was pressed onto a 17.5 inch flexi disc and mailed free to the British members of the Fan Club.".

  • Recorded: October 26-28, 1964
  • Released: December 18, 1964
  • Total Time: 4:05
  • Transcript

    The carol "Jingle Bells" is sung, followed by individual messages to the fans. Finishing up the record is an original jingle, titled "Can You Wash Your Father's Shirts?" Another Beatles' Christmas Record is the only Beatles' Christmas fan club records not sent to American fans. Rather, at Christmastime 1964, US fans received an edited version of The Beatles' Christmas Record, which was sent to British fan club members in 1963.

    I can't tell if they liked doing these or hated it. Lennon is particularly funny and witty ("John Johns speaking" - @1:27 in the video lol). Big surprise there (sarcasm). And at the end, they go "running off" in a Hard Day's Night-style madness.

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