December 16, 2006

Trek will never die

Having loved Star Trek and Star Trek The Animated Series, as well as the Star Wars: Clone Wars cartoons, this sort of interests me (information from

"There is a new animated Trek project under consideration at CBS, but it has yet to get the green light. The series would most likely be broadcast on the web and be made up of ‘Clone Wars’ like 6-minute mini episodes.

The idea for a new animated Trek started back around the time that Star Trek Enterprise was cancelled.

The first notion was to do a show set in the Original Series era (but not on the Enterprise), however that notion didn’t sit well with the people at CBS."

The show is set "150 years after the time of Picard and Star Trek Nemesis, but in a very different and somewhat dark Trek universe.

This new animated series would take place again on a ship called Enterprise, but the old girl has seen better days. Captain Chase’s Enterprise will be a ‘Bismarck Class’ heavy cruiser from the Romulan war and a bit out of date. Her mission will be merely patrolling the border, but Chase chose the Enterprise for a reason. As a student of the Federation’s glory days, he wants to have the Enterprise reclaim her legacy."

That sounds pretty awesome. I hope it gets made! No pictures of the Enterprise, yet (as far as I know).

Captain Chase

Cartoon pictures from

Chase looks slightly like:

In a related note, here is the opening sequence to Star Trek the Animated Series circa 1973:


Becca said...

Boy this does sound pretty cool.

Chris said...

Yeah, it might be worth checking out. We'll see.