August 18, 2006

Friday pop quiz

I'd most likely not even have given this much thought, if not for the fact the driver of this SUV had me pinned in the right lane for several miles. In other words, she was playing that little game wherein the driver in the passing lane (the SUV) prevents the driver in the right lane (me) from maneuvering around slower cars in the right lane due to an oddly inconsistent level of speed. At the very moment I could have gotten around her (in the SUV), she chose those moments to speed up, thereby preventing my passing her. One would think people do that on purpose. But surely they don' they?? Why would they?

The point is, I had ample time (I was forced really) to study the various elements of the sign on the back of her SUV, and the cryptic message it broadcasts.


Okay, clearly the HE is God, but I must admit the yellow ribbons sort of confounded me. Is the "HIM"?:

a. U.S. troops stationed in Iraq
b. Tiny, just born, 3 pound, 6 ounces, never spoken a word Jesus
c. George W. Bush
d. Pete Doherty
e. humanity
f. none of the above


ScottyB said...

My vote is d. That's a Libertine Fan's SUV if I've ever seen one.

Chris said...

And there was a "Babyshambles on Board" sign in the back left window...

tony said...

Harry Enfield /(famous-ish British comedian?????)

Chris said...

Enfield looks about as bad as Doherty (if that's even possible)!