August 8, 2006

Old skool Star Wars

Shacknews has a link to a playable demo of LEGO® Star Wars II™: The Original Trilogy. The demo contains one mission from the A New Hope chapter. There some great screen shots there as well.

Doing this post, thinking about A New Hope, awakened the screaming dweeb within me, so pardon me while I satisfy my inner, honking geek.

Here's a short tribute to what I consider to be one of the greatest moments/scenes in film history. I still can't watch it without getting goosebumps and blubbering like a child.

This first video is the evolution of the scene, as depicted in first, Attack of the Clones, next, Revenge of the Sith, and finally, A New Hope. I think it turned out well, and I used John Williams' beautiful score as a guide:

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    Fuzzball said...

    You know that aside from The Beatles nothing makes me happier than a Star Wars post ;)

    I think that we need to buy a couple of these and just totally geek out.

    Fuzzball said...

    P.S. That second scene is one of my favorites -- I still get chills when I watch it!

    Chris said...

    Toss me the Darth Maul model while I put "Duel of Fates" on, and let's get down to business.

    Yes, that's the "money shot" in Revenge of the Sith. In fact, it's all about that scene.

    Fuzzball said...

    Oooops I meant the second clip, meaning the shot from Episode IV. Although really I just love them all.

    Ah, John Williams, you get me every time.

    Chris said...

    The Star Wars movies would have been completely different if John Williams had not done the music. Sometimes I think that's the main reason they had the impact on me they did. Take for example the carbon freeze scene from Empire. Without "Han Solo and the Princess" playing in the background, that scene wouldn't have had nearly the depth of pathos.