August 6, 2006


No matter how much greedy, short-sighted men (wanting only to line their own pockets) change her, I will always love Galveston, my hometown.

Many Disney cartoons were viewed at the Martini. I saw On Any Sunday there. Foul Play was the last (for me to see there). My Dad works on the 18th floor of the building in the background.

I ate my first grilled cheese sandwich in that place back when it was a Walgreens. It was Christmas time, and I was with grandparents.

My first "real" job (punched in and out, paid into Social Security) was as a busboy at Gaido's. I went to school with two of the kids.

My 4th and 5th grade years in school we went to Sea-Arama Marineworld (one of the first waterparks in the U.S.A.) on the last day (of school).

This is how it looks now:
And this is how I remember it:

The Strand


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Galveston. Sea Arama looks so sad.

Chris said...

Thank you. It is rough to see Sea-Arama in that condition, but I like the fact it hasn't been torn down (yet).

Armando said...

My father, August worked at Sea Arama in the 70"s your pictures bring back fond memories.

Anonymous said...

saw the pics...yea it's sad and yes it' kinda awesome the ruins and all..I did the dive shows and wrestled alligators in the summers of '70 and '71

Chris said...

anonymous 2,

If by "ruins," you are referring to Sea Arama, I hate to tell you, but even that is gone.