August 1, 2006

"New Frontier"

"New Frontier" by Donald Fagen


The Nightfly (1982)

Levittown, 1951

Three Musicians (1921) by Pablo Picasso

Tuesday Weld (1963)

Nikita Khrushchev, United Nations in November 1960

Ambush perfume ad (1955)

Time Out (1959), Dave Brubeck

the limbo

Idealized American fallout shelter around 1957


jemison said...

Nightfly was such a kickass album (that's how I first heard it). It reminds me of that time.

Actually, I'm going to see Fagan and Becker in about nine more days. Steely Dan is playing in Tampa with Michael McDonald.

Chris said...

Absolutely. Every song is good (how often could you say that about an album?). And it's technically perfect (one of the first fully digital recordings):

"The Nightfly is widely considered to be one of the best engineered albums ever made; it is an early full digital recording. Some audio engineers use it to evaluate the quality of playback equipment." -Wikipedia

Have a good time at the concert! I bet they play at least "I.G.Y."