August 1, 2006

The newest component of your stereo system

MTV's original veejays pose in 2001, from left: Alan Hunter, J.J. Jackson, Martha Quinn, Mark Goodman and Nina Blackwood. J.J. Jackson died back in March 2004.

Did you know you could watch the very first hour of MTV programming (even the commercials) over at MTV Overdrive? I didn't even know about MTV Overdrive until I heard it mentioned this morning during a segment on NPR about the channel's twenty-fifth anniversary.

Here are the videos played during that first hour:

"Video Killed the Radio Star" The Buggles
"You Better Run" Pat Benatar
"She Won't Dance With Me" Rod Stewart
"You Better You Bet" The Who
"Little Susies On The Up" PhD
"We Don't Talk Anymore" Cliff Richard
"Brass in Pocket" The Pretenders
"Time Heals" Todd Rundgren
"Take It on the Run" REO Speedwagon
"Rockin' the Paradise" Styx
"When Things Go Wrong" Robin Lane & The Chartbusters
"History Never Repeats" Split Enz

Other NPR programming devoted to the anniversary:

Long Live Rock 'n' Roll: MTV at 25

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