March 23, 2006

Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964), part 3

Robbo, Little John, and Allen Dale celebrate the grand re-opening of Robbo's club after it's destruction by crime boss Guy Gisborne.

You've either got, or you haven't got STYLE!

Back in his empty club the same evening, archrival Gisborne isn't happy with Robbo's successful reopening and newly christened image as a modern-day Robin Hood.

"They're all over at Robbo's place. They made this bum into a celebrity."

The corrupt sheriff (Victor Buono, pictured above) hatches a plan to put an end to Robbo's lucky streak by sending thirty cops to bust him for illegal gambling and bootlegging.

The charity money continues to pour in during Robbo's re-opening.

"Honey, you do have the busiest can in the place."

Robbo's look-out sees the police convoy turning the corner and heading to the club.

But, little known to everyone outside of Robbo's hoods (including movie viewers), the rebuilt club has some new tricks. With the flip of a switch, Robbo's club transforms from:


Gisborne arrives to find a charity soup kitchen ministering to hobos, vagrants, and bums.

The corrupt sheriff's plan having failed, Gisborne next attempts to frame Robbo.

Robbo endures a trial in which the prosecution witnesses blame him for nearly every calamity to befall man.

The orphans are disheartened.

Allen Dale tries to cheer them up with an awkward song and dance sequence, which I will not spend time trying to recreate here. You're welcome.

The jury at Robbo's trial sees right through the prosecution's lies and deception, and, of course, Robbo is found innocent.

Robbo thanks the city of Chicago on the courthouse steps. This is pretty cool:

The movie should have ended here, but nooo.

Frank's swingin' in green, baby. The dames adore him.

"My Kind of Town"

The actual film may not have ended there, but this recap will!

Robin and the 7 Hoods was released during 1964's holiday season (except for in the U.S.), so it ends with Frank, Dean, and Sammy decked out in Santa suits.

Here's "Don't Be a Do-Badder" as heard during the movie's finale (and in the YouTube vid above). Here is the studio rehearsal at the recording of "Don't Be a Do-Badder", with Frank and the guys horsing around. It's pretty funny, and you should listen to it!

I kept thinking about Kirk and Spocko the whole time I was watching it.


Joe Burke said...

Hey the site is great, but what happened to the music.

Chris said...

Oh, thanks! I think some of the music files are still good. I need to fix those that aren't.

joe burke said...

I was wondering how long until the music is back, this is my favorite movie and i love the music.

Chris said...

joe, might I suggest looking for it here or here? That's where I found the music, originally.