March 16, 2006

Prince, we hardly knew ye

The author of the newly released "Black Sweat" (February 2, 2006) has vowed to never again perform 50 of his own songs due to their "explicit content".

He says, "You can't push the envelope any further than I've pushed it. So stop. What's the point? So much of what we see on TV and hear on the radio is debased. I will not add to that."

He always seems to forget the point, which must be partly to entertain and somewhat satisfy the fans. I understand all about artistic growth and not wanting to tread water, or atrophy, artistically, but you have to feed the fans, as well. Without the fans, all of his complaining about being a slave to the record company, and now this latest by The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, would be irrelevant.


Not that it matters, but this'll mean he won't perform, and I'm theorizing off the top of my head, "Soft and Wet", "I Wanna Be Your Lover", "Scarlet Pussy", "Head", "Do Me, Baby", "Peach", "Darling Nikki", "Sexy M.F.", "Gett Off", "Cream" (surely not), "Erotic City", "Feel U Up", etc., etc. There are at least 36 others.

I don't get it. After "Purple Rain", what would be left? Prince was a perfect choice to compose and arrange the soundtrack to Batman because he, like Frank Miller-era Batman, seemed to be made of a dual personality: one good, one bad. The character became more interesting because of this inner struggle going on as a continual backdrop to the primary action, in Prince's case, the music.

Hasn't the point of a "Prince" always been the dichotomy of his being extremely spiritual, religious and sexual to the point of shocking and calculated (sometimes) lasciviousness? So, is what we'll have now more of the spiritual and religious? Thanks a lot, Mel Gibson! Prince might as well return to obscurity.

Or is it truly just Little Richard all over again?

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