March 14, 2006

Stones Touring Party

1972 North American tour

set list

pic via

An unreleased documentary was made about the tour, and making an appearance were Truman Capote, Dick Cavett, Terry Southern, Stevie Wonder, and Andy Warhol. The film is alleged to have shown what it was really like to be on the road with the Rolling Stones, rock outlaws, circa 1972. Here's a nice montage of tour footage set to Keith singing "Happy". It is from the excellent 1989 Stones documentary 25x5: The Continuing Adventures of the Rolling Stones, which is still not out on DVD, but available on VHS (its original format).

pic by Annie Leibovitz

This is a scan from page 16 of the March 23, 2006 Rolling Stone. Capote was supposed to write a story for the magazine about the tour, but never filed a report. Capote would later say about the tour and the story he was unable to write: "I can't write something unless it has mystery for me. And the Rolling Stones thing had no mystery." I wonder what he was carrying in his satchel?

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