March 10, 2006

Once there was a way to get back homeward

The strain of multiple forces including money, family, fame, and fatigue were beginning to take an irreversible toll on the creative and brotherly relationship of Paul McCartney and John Lennon by the time of the recording and performance from this video (January 1969). "Two of Us" sounds like a musical effort by its writer, Paul, to patch things up (it was actually written for Linda McCartney). Their Everly Brothers influence comes through in John and Paul's harmonies. "Two of Us" was on the album Let It Be. This performance comes from the film of the same name.


Fuzzball said...

Chris, promise me that we'll never let the money, family, fame, and fatigue of the blogworld break us apart! ;D

Chris said...

Only love will tear us apart, fuzzball.