March 4, 2006

"All the Way"

"The Puppet Breaks"

Frank Sinatra made the film The Joker Is Wild in 1957. In it, Sintra plays the part of real life comedian Joe E. Lewis. This scene shows Lewis (Sinatra) performing at a 500 Club-ish place. He has broken an agreement with a mob-type organization, and is about to pay for it. There are two thugs waiting for him in the audience. He's 'bout to get his ass whupped. Badly. Sinatra played characters like this well.

The great actor Eddie Albert plays Lewis's pianist and pal. I love how he manages to pretend to play piano and look really angry at the same time. And Sinatra does a passable job of lip-synching. Still, it's a nice song.

There's a really good review of the film at TURNER CLASSIC MOVIES.

As you could see, I taped this off of amctv back when it was just plain old "AMC", and they never played commercials.


I was in Galveston, Texas, from Thursday through Saturday. Little did I know, I was standing on the same land mass as Frank Sinatra, Jr., whose ex-wife isn't capitalizing on the famous name, or anything. No, she wouldn't do that:

"Sinatra makes last-second push for votes"


Fuzzball said...


Alice B. Toklas?

*arms crossed, foot tapping*


Chris said...

Yes, dear. Alice B. Toklas, dear.