March 15, 2006

I need it to understand the binary language of moisture vaporators

I'll need one of these:

The RI-MAN robot carries a life-sized doll at the Riken laboratory in Nagoya, central Japan. The RI-MAN is a seeing, hearing and smelling robot that can carry human beings and is aimed at helping care for the country's growing number of elderly.(AFP/JIJI PRESS)

It's like Jack in the Box's younger, buffer, cuter brother.

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto


Fuzzball said...

I'm sorry, I would not feel safe in a robot's arms. That picture just freaks me out. Yikes!

Chris said...

Did you read the article? They're working on the Matthew McConaughey version, complete with what they call "implements".

Fuzzball said...

Hmmm so something like Jude Law's character in (the horrific give-me-my-eight-bucks-back) AI?

Now that's a robot that I could endorse. Only not Jude Law. Oooooh a Clive Owen robot...

Okay that's enough. ;)

P.S. hahahahaha my word verification word for this comment is "qtish" -- I love it!