March 2, 2006

I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! (1968) part 3

What's a stiff, uptight, stuffy bachelor to do when an unbelievably beautiful, sexy, free spirit crashes at his pad? Why, he offers her his bed and sleeps on the couch, of course.

After a long day dealing with frivolous lawsuits, even a guy like Harold Fine needs a glass of booze to unwind,

which he takes to his bedroom after Nancy says she'd rather sleep on the couch so she can watch TV.

Of course, hippies didn't drink booze.

Harold continues to unwind by massaging the shoulders of his suit coat.

Harold whips out the asthma inhaler--clearly an emotional crutch.

Nancy has her own crutch.

The sucking sounds he hears alarm Harold, as he must think he's having an asthma attack. Watch this amusing scene here (only 30 seconds; I couldn't do a movie recap without a YouTube video):

It's a good morning when you find a hot flower child sprawled out on your floor. Good morning starshine, the earth says hello! Gliddy glub gloopy nibby nabby noopy, la la la lo lo, indeed.

The "tattoos" were painted, on set, by Andy Warhol. How frickin' cool is that??

via Leigh Taylor-Young's website

Harold's such a good boy.

Nancy hears Harold as he's pulling out for work, and tells him she'll make him breakfast. Harold shushes her, and asks her not to answer the door or phone while she's there. Remember, Harold's engaged.

Nancy searches for ingredients. Maybe she could make matza ball soup?

Harold has plenty of Safeway coffee. But wait, what's this?

Bingo! It's on. Cue Harper's Bizarre (literally the moment her hand touches the box).

How to make Alice B. Toklas brownies:


one egg

cup of milk

mix it up in a blender

and just a little bit of pixie dust. The dust is a positive must.

Later that night...

Harold returns home to find his parents and fiance, Joyce, eagerly ready to discuss plans for the wedding-a.

Whew, no sign of Nancy.

Harold's mother observes the "love birds" and tells them there'll be plenty of time for that after the wedding-a. I'm sure Harold can't wait.


We discover the origin of all the Safeway coffee. Harold's mother said it was on sale.

What a sweety.

More to come....

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