March 20, 2006

(Now) Spring is here, I hear

Vernal Equinox ushers in season of renewal

Some random, recent pics:

"Spring Is Here"


zdorama said...

As Always, I love those seasonal pictures!
I PARTICULARLY love pics 7 & 8...
Those two could be Big Ben puzzles!
Heck, they all could!
What a wonderful town you live in!

Also love the day-by-day Movie Synopses!
It's almost like watching a movie broken up into convenient TV episodes to watch week by week!

I'm hoping to see DON'T MAKE WAVES
(one of my very, very, very fave 60's movies!)
showcased on Exquisitely Bored one day!

Keep up the good work........

Chris said...

Tony Curtis and Sharon Tate?? How can I resist? I've never heard of it, zdorama, but I'm now looking for Don't Make Waves! Here's the first part of IMDb's summary:

"Carlo Cofield first meets Laura when she wrecks his car and destroys all his worldly possessions"

Sounds like a typically bad country song or fodder for Exquisitely Bored! Look for it. I'm doing Evel Knievel (the 1971 George Hamilton flick) probably next. But your very much appreciated compliments may move it down a rung!