March 17, 2006

It's now or never

"Ford Eager To Start New Indiana Jones Film"

Of course he is. I'm sure all the people behind Harrison Ford, Inc (agents, managers, Calista Flockharts, physical trainers, caterers, limo drivers, domestic helpers, lawyers, etc.) are as well.

His current film, Firewall, is described here as being his first action pic since 1997's Air Force One. Based on that, here are Ford's box office numbers (U.S.) since 1997:

Six Days Seven Nights (1998)--$74,329,966

Random Hearts (1999)--$31,054,924 (it cost $64,000,000)

What Lies Beneath (2000)--$155,370,362 (his last really big hit)

K-19: The Widowmaker (2002)--$35,168,677 (it cost $100,000,000; that's gotta hurt)

Hollywood Homicide (2003)--$30,013,346 (cost $75,000,000)

According to Box Office Mojo, after being out for about four weeks, Firewall has made only $45,824,684. To put it in some kind of context, The Shaggy Dog has made nearly half of that in only six days. With his big Iraq War flick, Battle for Fallujah, not being released until, 2007, it would seem his career could use a shot of testosterone. Remember, this is Harrison F-ing Ford we're talking about. He is our Gary Cooper. He has been a big part of the success of several of the most successful movies of all times, the Indiana Jones films being an example. You know the Star Wars prequels suffered from a lack of his presence.

How many times did you wish someone would shut C3PO up in the prequels? Me? Several times. Ford ad-libbed the famous "I know" line from The Empire Strikes Back while on the set, shooting the scene.

So, for the benefit of all involved (Harrison Ford, his career, the people behind Harrison Ford, Inc, the fans, you, me) I have my fingers crossed that Speilberg and Lucas can once again perform magic and pull a rabbit out of the fedora. Cue the the march, and do it.


jemison said...

"I don't matter
you don't matter
neither does this mindless chatter

It don't matter where you're from
what matters is your uniform."

Sorry, saw "All the Best Cowboys have Chinese Eyes" and couldn't help myself...

Chris said...

"Comma comma comma comma
Commai commai commai commai
Commu commu commu commu
communi communi communicate

Gay Talese
Ronald Rocking

Use the words like flowing river touches
Embraces parting hard steel surfaces reveling pages
Beneath the water skin broken like ice flows
Smashed by iron bows on the back of a whale

Comma comma comma comma
Commai commai commai commai
Commu commu commu commu

Props to St. Pete