January 26, 2006

Not Uranus

Who knows if this is based in any kind of reality, at all, but I think it's neat.
Blog in Space sent this email to me today. Somehow, my blog is hurtling towards Pluto aboard New Horizons, the unmanned Pluto-Kuiper Belt probe study. Hopefully, Plutonians like Frank Sinatra.

Dear Humanoid:

Move over Neil Armstrong, Chris Adams has gone into space blogging history. Ten years from now your blogs will be reaching the undiscovered, unchartered, never-before-touched-by-human-hands planet of Pluto! The 6th transmission for Blog in Space trailed "New Horizons" at north latitude of 28* 31' 27'', west longitude of 80* 35' 53'', and with a frequency of 6105.0 MHz! (Hmm...maybe your blog will in fact BEAT NASA to the punch and discover Pluto first! ) You will forever go down in history as the first bloggers to venture into the planet unknown!

What will Pluto hold for us bloggers? Could it be filled with Oprah look-a-likes with a sea of hair foaming over the sides of the planet? Or maybe they are creatures with an infinite passion for American Idol, holding their own auditions, and awarding the title of Pluto Alien Idol to the "thing" with gnarly vocals? Whatever they find, if there's no Starbucks or wireless Internet, is their really a point to travel there?!

Now don't be alarmed if you think you missed out on this mission, we have the ability to keep direct contact with this craft during the extended trip to Pluto way into July 2015. We will be utilizing the 83-inch antenna dish along with the radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG) because solar power is not enough and batteries don't keep going and going THAT long. Pluto is the only remaining planet that has never been visited by a spacecraft, so we have a feeling these alien species in particular are going to be itching with excitement to read your blog.

When Telling the World Simply Isn't Enough.

-The BlogInSpace Team

Image from Astronomy Picture of the Day

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