January 23, 2006

Bedazzled on MP3 "Sharing" Sites

There's a bit of an ongoing a debate happening at Bedazzled (of all places) over file sharing, and MP3 blogs, specifically. If you're interested, go check it out. He makes some excellent points.

It has me a little worried about the limited sound and video files here. I have no idea if anyone ever clicks on my "LEND ME YOUR EARS" thingamabop, I mean, I sure hope people do. Those are songs I love, and songs I want others to hear. But, I in no means intend for people to "steal" those songs. To me, it's like when you have people over, and there's a song you're dying for them to hear, or a movie you think they'll love. You simply want to share something you really like with other people. That's my thinking on this. I've paid for any music or video displayed, and now, I'm sharing it with the few of you who share my tastes.

But again, the Bedazzled post has me a little concerned. I know I'm very much small time, and will never gain much attention, or notoriety. But, from this point on, I will include a link to where people can purchase the music and video I include in my posts. That way, I suppose, people who really like the things I "share" will have the option of purchasing their own copy, rather than stealing it from wittle ol' Exquisitely Bored in Nacogdoches.

I'm curious to see what visitors think. Why don't you post a comment (anonymously, even)?

I can't believe the Beatles (Apple Corp.) haven't sued me, yet.


Bazooka Ken said...

Truly love your blog. I wouldn't sweat it with the stealing issue, you do a very good job of sharing the experience rather than just the files.

Chris said...

Thanks. I appreciate it! That's is precisely what I enjoy--the sharing of the experience.