January 9, 2006

Ground control to Major Winston

fourfour, the master of analyzing America's Next Top Model, Being Bobby Brown, Project Runway, and so much more (don't even try to do better; it simply can't be done) loves his kitties. It seems his cat, Winston, has had a little eye trouble.

Oh goodness!

Pets are a lot of trouble, if you take care of them like you should. It appears Winston has an owner who cares! Get the full story here.

Get better soon, Winston!

Now, just so my cats (the bastards) won't be jealous (they read this blog):

Buddy (a.k.a. Big Pig, Buddyliscious, Bastard, etc.)

Caspar (a.k.a. Capper Caps, Cappers, Big Mouth, Bastard, etc.)

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