January 7, 2006

Good news for Grand Theft Auto fans

Rockstar Games plans to release Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories for PS2 by March or April. They also have plans for an all new Liberty City Stories for the PSP sometime before Halloween. Hopefully that one will end up on PS2, as well.

I love the GTA games, and have lost huge chunks of my life to them. I've spent many hours in Vice City, San Andreas, and of course, Liberty City. They're such beautiful games, thus making the extreme violence in them kind of ironic. The GTA games are videogame as art.

But I'm still not willing to buy a PSP simply to play Liberty City Stories. So, the news that it's coming out on Playstation is very much welcome! I'm sure I'll buy it.

What I'd like to know is when they plan to release the next GTA title. It'll be on the PS3, so I guess that means sometime after Spring 2006.

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