January 4, 2006

The wisdom of St. Pete

Pete Townshend has words of wisdom about iPod use and hearing loss. With analog technology, users of the old Sony Walkmans and other cassette playing hand-helds would notice a distortion of the sound if the volume was turned up too high. With digital devices, such as the iPod, this distortion doesn't really occur. So it's very easy to listen to them with the volume turned up way too loud. If you love music, make sure you can still hear it when you're old and gray. Also, be sure not to appear on the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and allow Keith Moon to overload the explosive powder in the pyrotechnics. Eardrums go boom!


LA said...

There was an article about this in Rolling Stone a couple issues ago. I am so going to be deaf someday (soon).

Chris said...

I'm already pretty much upper-end (treble and mid-range) deaf in my left ear, so I'm really careful now!