September 15, 2006

Ocean's 11 title sequence

Although I've already done a post about Ocean's 11, here is the opening, credits/title sequence, which I only had in screencap form, previously. The design and animation is by Saul Bass, the guy responsible for the ones from Spartacus, Around the Word in 80 Days, North By Northwest, Vertigo, and The Man with the Golden Arm, just to name a few. I think it's possibly the coolest I've ever seen, topping even some of Maurice Binder's James Bond opening credits. Nelson Riddle's finger-snappin' arrangement of the theme adds just the right musical flavor. Ahh yes, 1960--what a year!

Nelson Riddle


Cheryl said...

I absolutely love this Sinatra movie. My parents took us to see this at the drive in in Midland TX. Those were the days....

Chris said...

I totally agree. It's one of those movies that so perfectly captures a time, without really even meaning to.

Heaven is Ocean's 11 on a drive-thru screen in Midland!

Cheryl said...

I don't know about it being heaven...obviously you haven't been in West Texas during a sand storm.

My dad took me to Vegas to see Frank in '79 and it was a memory I will have all of my life.

You are awfully young to be into Sinatra and the 60's/70's music. Did you have older brother and sisters?

Chris said...

A sand storm would sort of complicate things. Okay, Sinatra, playing at Caesars in '79-that's Heaven.

What's young, cheryl? I'll be forty next month. Ouch. There, I said it.