September 19, 2006

Steve Irwin memorial

Terri Irwin (C), wife of 'Crocodile Hunter' Steve Irwin, her children Bindi (L) and Bob attend a memorial service for Steve at Australia Zoo in Beerwah September 20, 2006. A khaki-clad choir, Hollywood stars and thousands of ordinary Australians bid farewell to Irwin at a memorial service for the TV naturalist at his 'Crocoseum' on Wednesday. The service, broadcast live around Australia as well as across Asia and the United States, brought the nation to a standstill 16 days after Irwin was killed when the serrated barb from a stingray's tail pierced his heart. REUTERS/Dave Hunt/Pool (AUSTRALIA)


Cheryl said...

This is one of the saddest events I have witnessed in a long time. My heart was breaking for that little girl and boy that they will grow up missing the passion and love that their father had for life. Hopefully, they have enough of their own zest and zeal to continue his mission.

Chris said...

It sounds like life sort of stopped in Australia for the last sixteen days. I have a feeling at least the girl will carry on his work (she's apparently very much like his mother).