September 19, 2006

Coming soon...

I'm working on a recap of On Her Majesty's Secret Service (the wild card in the James Bond movie deck, not counting Never Say Never Again), complete with MP3s and video. It's going to be Lazenby-riffic.


r o b i t o said...

Hi there Craig!

I really love your Bond section!

I have just staretd my own blog too, and I've written three posts about James bond:

One of them is all about the Bond films, including the new Casino Royale, and I've added a link to your blog at the end of the post!

I also have a post reviewing the first three Bond books:

And one called The Real Bond which I also think you will like!

please comment on my blog!

And i'll be checking back soon to see your On Her Majesty's Secret Service post!

cheers, Rob

Chris said...

Looks cool, dude!