September 14, 2006

McCartney really cooks

According to this article, Paul McCartney staged a live show for fans on the Internet, shortly after the April 1998 death of Linda McCartny. This is a rather surreal segement with Sir Paul showing off a recipe for mashed potatoes.

He demonstrated how Linda had taught him a special way of cutting onions (glass?) and he topped the dish with parsley. It was a vegetarian recipe inspired by his late wife. Seeing Macca doing something as mundane is fairly mesmerizing, and I think he puts Graham Kerr to shame (as far as charm and style is concerned).

via Transbuddha


Fuzzball said...

If it's at all possible, I now love that man EVEN MORE.

Now I need to go watch A Hard Day's Night for the billionth time.

"He's very clean, isn't he?"

"Oh yes, very clean."

Chris said...

He's pretty cool. F*ck Heather Mills.

Ah yes, Wilfrid Brambell. He's really good in that.