September 20, 2006

Birdie num num

A collaboration of sorts between Peter Sellers and director/writer/producer Blake Edwards (you could throw in Henry Mancini as well), The Party was released on April 4, 1968. The movie takes place at a prototypical, swingin', mid to late '60s era party (duh). And this is exactly what I find very appealing about it. You can sort of imagine you are there, at the party. I love the mid-60s architecture, furniture, interior design, clothes, colors, music, etc. It's very 1968. And at the center of it all is Peter Sellers, in one of his lesser known roles:

"The Party (instrumental)" by Henry Mancini


Tracy said...

Howdy par-teh-ner, howdy par-teh-ner!


Chris said...

Racist, I guess, but very funny.